Mommy is a.....

Years ago, when I was still married, the ex and I were goofing with the kids. My ex husband is Puerto Rican and proud! The exchange went something like this.

Ex-"Nico, what is Papi?"

Nico-"Papi is Puerto Rican!"

Ex-" What is Elijah?"

Nico-"Puerto Rican!!"

Elijah- "Poor Ricah!!"

Ex-"What is Skyler?"

Boys-"Puerto Rican!!!!"

Ex-"What about Mommy?


Ex-"What is Mommy?"

Nico-"Uhh, Mommy is an adult"

Finally we could debate it no more, I was an ADULT!!!
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  1. Angie Says:

    Well it's about time too! It took you long enough. It's OK, I'm not sure I've gotten there myself. And I KNOW Ronnie hasn't.

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