Good Morning!

6 Responses
  1. Sleep Goblin Says:

    holy cow that was fast! hooray for speech therapy!

    (hee, or maybe he's been doing that all along.. either way, he's so happy!! i love him)

  2. Monica Says:

    These are the same sounds he has been able to mimic all along, but I am still glad when he will do it.

    I LOVE his happy dance at the end.

  3. Another video of my most favorite boy! The progress he is making is astounding and his happy dance at the end...well, that is worthy of a spot on YouTube! :)


  4. Monica Says:

    Thanks Francesca! His happy dance is the best happy dance, at least I think

  5. gwendomama Says:

    SO GREAT - and so freaking cute.
    was he trying to kiss the mama on the screen?

  6. Oh so cute!! This makes me miss working with "babies" though many of my patients were older. I miss using the signs on a daily basis; I need to practice by teaching to my own kids I guess.

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