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Tomorrow afternoon, I have to go visit the DHS office.  I am planning on remaining calm and getting my case sorted out.  I know that people have very strong opinions about the "system" and those who use it.

My priority is to raise my boys well.  When I was married, I contributed money to the system.  We also donated to needy causes.  I never thought I would need services or be living anywhere near the poverty line.  I was wrong.

The tax dollars that help me raise my boys now will insure that tax dollars aren't needed to feed and house them as adults.  I believe a stay at home mom can make all the difference in a child's life.

My third son, Skyler, is a hoot.  He is currently "king of the lab" because he has managed to get his planner from school signed every day for two weeks!!  Makes a mommy proud.  I swear that more and more he looks like Sylvester Stallone.


OK maybe not in that picture.

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  1. Sleep Goblin Says:

    king of the lab!!!! i love you for saying that :)

    also, i am going to assume your post title is a reference to the mamas and the papas, which also makes me extremely happy.

    hope your meeting went well :)

  2. Monica,
    I've finally decided to delurk because I found reading your letter to your state representative so poignant. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to express my awe of your strength and your humility in dealing with bureacracy. I, too, was a product of the system and I remember how much paperwork our family had to deal with and the shame that we were made to feel during the entire process.

    We all need help sometimes and such a system exists for a reason. I just hope it will give you the healthcare assistance you need. Your boys are super, super lucky to have you be their advocate. I sure hope your meeting went well.

    Let me know. I'll check back on ya.


  3. Monica Says:

    hehe, we love us some Bones! And yes, mamas and papas, you know it!

    Thanks, Thuy, for the sweet words. I really like your blog over there! Remember when food stamps looked like Monopoly money?? Now it is a debit card thing, much less embarrasing.

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