My current crisis

I haven't had health coverage for a long time. I keep this to myself and try to fix it. When it seems like it will never be resolved and your case worker isn't responding you might have to write a letter to your state representative and courtesy copy it to your case worker.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Monica Berrios and I am a divorced mother of four living in Battle Creek, Michigan. I am financially eligible for services through the Department of Human Services. I have had services in the past and my circumstances have not changed financially. We have had another birth into the family which have increased our financial hardship.

My case worker, name withheld, is not handling my case appropriately. I have attempted to communicate with him multiple times.I have attempted to communicate with his supervisor, also. I understand that social workers and similar employees are overworked and often treated badly by their clients. I have always been polite and attempted to complete paperwork in a timely and neat manner.

I have been without medical coverage for a year and a half. I have reapplied multiple times. The last time Mr. Withheld and I were face to face it was because two of my sons' medicaid coverage had been cancelled due to a computer change in the DHS office. A glitch in the system that no one caught. At that meeting I explained to Mr Withheld my situation and my hope for a positive resolution. He informed me of two papers I needed to provide and I did that within a few days.

My children's coverage was resumed, but mine was not. I did not even receive a letter of denial. I have since been given notice that my EBT food benefits have been withdrawn because I failed to turn in a paper that I am sure I turned in. My family is going hungry this month because of Mr. Withheld's lack of communication. I have left no less than ten voice mail messages to Mr Withheld's direct line. I have received no responses. I have left two voice mail messages for his supervisor. I also hand wrote a letter while in the DHS waiting room addressed to the supervisor and put it in the DHS mail system. This system requires you to log in your mail deposit. I received no response from the supervisor. I have not kept a paper trail assuming that Mr. Withheld would do his job. Starting with this e-mail, I am doing so.

My family needs these services. We go hungry without the EBT food benefit. Do I heat the house or feed the children? I require medications that I am often going without because I lack the cash to pay for them myself. My youngest son has NO medical coverage without Medicaid. I know that my family is eligible for these services. I have the papers required by DHS to prove my income, housing ect. The missing link is a case worker that cares enough to figure out the reason for this situation.

I beg you to guide me to a solution. Where do I turn to be heard? The DHS office is a necessary part of our society. I know it is often abused and the people that work there often go above and beyond. This time the system is failing. I am hoping that someone can advocate for my family. I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and respond.

Monica Berrios

Doing this will get your MIA caseworker call you the very next day. He will also set you up an appointment for the next Monday.  I hate being the squeaky wheel, but sometimes it is necessary.
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  1. SciFi Mama Says:

    Very nice letter! I can see why it got results. And congrats on being the squeeky wheel. I see it more as standing up for yourself in a very dignified, polite manner. More people could learn from you. Too many people scream & yell to get what they want/need.

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