Kids are funny

I don't have a darn thing to post today so I will share some funny kids moments.

A few months ago, I let Nico out of the van at the mailbox to check it.  We waited and when he began walking back to the van I took off up the driveway to play a prank on him.  He ran alongside the van and hollared " Baby!!  Baby, I can change!!!"

A couple of years ago, Elijah and Skyler were going to show me a magic trick.  They came into my bedroom and Elijah hid Skyler under a blanket.  Some magic words were said and Elijah removed the blanket and WOW, Skyler was gone!!!   Elijah said, "where did he go??"  From behind the bed came a subtle but obvious sound of gas being passed.  Then laughter.  I said, "uhh, behind the bed?"  We still tease him about that one.

I hope these made you laugh like they did me.
3 Responses
  1. SciFi Mama Says:

    Nico's made me literally LOL. That's just too funny. Kind of reminds me of something you would do when we were kids.

  2. SciFi Mama Says:

    Gee, go figure. Nico is exactly like you. Paige looks like me, but her personality is ALL Ronnie. I'm going to need help for her teenage years.

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