Almost a man

Tonight, I guided Nico, my 15 year old, in the fine art of shaving.  We have been putting it off for more than a month because neither of us wanted to face that milestone.  He was beginning to look dirty and had been accused of having a "mexistache" at school.  His peach fuzz was making itself known.

First off, he forbid to me take pictures.  Secondly, he did great.  He listened well and followed directions.  He didn't cut himself at all and managed to get 99% of the hair off on the first try.  He went back and searched out fuzzy spots and got it all.

I am not sure how I feel about this milestone.  I feel like I should want to cry over the loss of my baby.  I feel proud, but not sad right now.  He actually looks younger, more like my baby face now that the fuzz is gone.

In other news, I took the big kids to see Avatar in 3D today, a gift from the grandparents.  It was a much better movie that I think many are giving it credit for.  The effects were amazing.  Several times I forgot I was watching CGI, the facial expressions and body movements were that good.  It WAS predictable, only because it is a story we all know too well.  Big and powerful invades simple and stable for their resources.  Simple fights back and wins.

I wish that happened more in real life.  Most of the time simple and stable doesn't stand a chance.
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  1. Sleep Goblin Says:

    it's never occured to me that you'd need to teach someone to shave. no one taught me, and i don't remember anyone teaching my brother. one day, in the shower, i just decided i wanted to do it, and experimented with the things my mom had left in there. i remember very vividly how strange the blankets on my bed felt after that. i was so used to not having things come in direct contact with my skin, and when i did it was... strange and amazing.

    i also love avatar. i agree the story is almost comical in its simplicity, but it's so captivating visually that i don't care. halfway through, i started wondering, "how different could this possibly be from a regular movie", and so i slipped off my glasses and was flabbergasted by how... flat it was. truly, the 3d effects are amazing.

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