It is after midnight and I am just now sitting down. I have been painting the family room and kitchen (they are kind of one long room really) As a mommy, I have to paint when it is convenient for everyone else (read the toddler) So, after about 4 hours or so, I have most of it done. The breakfast nook needs another coat and my dad will do the really high part near the ceiling in the kitchen for me tomorrow. He is 6'7" so no sweat.

My mom actually picked the color first and I loved it. It is called Summer Pecan and reminds me of coffee with a bit of cream in it. It's very warm and cozy. In yesterday's picture of Elijah, you can see the butter yellow that has been on the walls for about 2 years. I love it, but with all the wall climbing going on it was pretty dinged up.

I will post pictures when it is all done and prettyfied.

Enjoy your Tuesday. I will be painting.
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