It's been pretty hectic lately.  I am trying to get the house nice for the holidays and the ex husband's visit.  Things are getting busier at church, also holiday related.  The kids have so much homework all the time.  Now, poor Jack has developed double ear infections.  He is miserable.  Of course, the antibiotic is tearing up his stomach.  The sad thing is that he just had an ear infection in the right ear 3 weeks ago.

But, at this very moment it is quiet.  I have a cup of yummy coffee.  I can hear the hum of the furnace and the quiet clicking of the clothes dryer as it works.  I try every day to remember how grateful I am for the good things we have.  God is really awesome in how He handles things for me when I am too weak.  I know many people that are going through hard times right now.

I need those people to know that when I say I will or am praying for you, I mean it.  I think that is thrown around kind of flip.  Perhaps like "I love you".  People say it, but do they do it?  Every night as I lay down to sleep, I spend twenty minutes or so praying.  I feel so content and peaceful knowing that although I can't do much, this is something I can do.  

I am not ashamed to ask for prayer either.  January 1st I am going to be begging for it as I assume the position of Childrens Chairperson to the Ed board at church.  I have to handle VBS.  You KNOW I am gonna need prayer.  

I don't know why I needed to post about this, but I love all those I pray for and sometimes its good to let them know how much they are being cared for by God as well as by me.
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