You just won't believe it.

  1. Water pump blows up while driving tearing off the serpentine belt
  2. Repair for above item costs $565
  3. Two classes missed while waiting on repair
  4. One son bites another son hard enough to draw blood
  5. The police visit my house after the biter calls them claiming that I beat him.
  6. Police give said son a reality check
  7. Said son falls off the porch breaking the growth plate in his leg.  No, I didn't push him
  8. Flat tire
  9. I miss makeup test due to flat tire
  10. Spare rusted to bottom of van requiring my father to leave work and drive 30 miles to rescue me
  11. I fail a hearing test
  12. Different son gets sore throat and fever requiring a 5 A.M. ER visit and antibiotic.
  13. Halloween canceled
And this was just since this past Sunday.
2 Responses
  1. Angela Says:

    Holy crap. You need a do-over on the entire week!

  2. Anna Says:

    wow! so sorry to hear this!
    hope things get better real fast!
    must be that full moon!

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