I got the coolest email from a classmate when I emailed her asking her how she felt about the test.

Hey Monica, my computer is a little retard for getting messages; who

knows, maybe it's just me.

In regards to the test, oh my gosh! I think I have a learning

disability with receptive and expressive language. I read some of

those questions over and over in order to get the meaning ,and then it

tokes me for ever to answer them.

When I saw you leave early I thought, "Wow, this was a breeze for

her!" Whatever you think on how you did on the test, I believe that

this is certainly the right profession for you. Your face beams with a

sense of accomplishment and you just seem to love it.

Good! We need the best SLPs out there, and you will top them all!
I was so surprised and actually blushed reading an email.  She is a sweetheart for sure!
Have a great weekend everyone.
2 Responses
  1. SciFi Mama Says:

    Wonderful, deserved compliments are always so nice to get.

  2. Amy Says:

    Your classmate is right! You are already an awesome mom.... You'll be a FANTASTIC SLP!!! :o)

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