7 planes, 3 days, 1 funeral

What a crazy trip.  I have just taken a tour of insanity via hysterical laughter and tears.  Everything was going well until they canceled my last plane on Friday.  I had to spend the night in Dallas and pray the plane in the morning would get me to Nana's funeral on time.  Saturday morning, I board the earliest flight to Ft.Smith which should put me on the ground 40 minutes before the service. 

After about half an hour in the plane still on the ground they make us get off the plane.  We head to another terminal for a different plane and I am trying to maintain some semblence of calm.  This plane is due to land at 10:20 am.  Her funeral begins at 10 am.  The wonderful staff at the funeral home stalled and the people gathered to honor Shirley Kittel were patient and kind.    I land at 10:35 and we get there at about 10:50.

Her service was short and sweet.  There were only a few people outside of immediate family in attendence.  That made me sad.  She was such a strong vibrant woman.  She is just at that age where most of her friends have already passed on. 

When it was time to leave, the funeral director (amazingly compassionate man) asked if we would like Nana's ashes (in the red box on this table) delivered to us with the flowers.  I asked if we could just take her with us.  I told them, "I wasn't afraid of her when she was alive and I ain't afraid of her now"

I snatched her us and out the door we went.
After gathering at my cousins house for social time with great food we went to visit Mike's grave.  I hadn't seen his headstone yet.  We brought Nana with us.  Why you wonder?

Let's just say that the two peas on a pod are once again together.

When I arrived at the airport this morning and found out my first flight was delayed, I knew I was in for another great travel day. 
After racing for my connecting flight, there was no room on board for my carry on bag.  Under the plane it goes to be retrieved at the baggage claim in Chicago.  I had to leave the secure area, wait for my bag, get back in a 30 minute line to endure security again.   At this point I could have fallen down temper tantrum style and not been embarassed.

The last flight was mostly uneventful and the drive home was good.

I would endure the same trip again in a minute to avoid missing her service and the fellowship with that side of the family.  I would still rate the trip a complete success.  It was great to be able to be a part of Nana's celebration. 

I am a content woman.

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  1. I'm glad you were able to be there for her celebration.
    And glad you're doing OK. :)


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