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Yesterday, I saw the cardiologist again.  He says the next step will be either a cardiac MRI or a heart catheterization.  I mentioned that I had had an MRI about four years ago and had many issues with the size of the tube.  Can you say panic attack?  I am not normally claustrophobic, but man that tube is small!

He is looking into the open MRI, but said that he thinks we are most likely going to have to go with the heart cath.  I know it is very invasive, but I am ok with it.  I just want to know what is going on in there so I can deal with it and get back to living.

On the good side of life, it is almost SUMMER BREAK!!!

We are sooo ready.
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  1. I hear that the valve catheterization has a great success rate...hoping it will solve your heart probs. A rapid/irregular heart rate is no fun.


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