Hearts and weddings

My friend, Emily will be getting married this Saturday. She is finally getting the nerves. Her and her man are doing all the work themselves and on a strict budget, but I am so excited at all that have managed to accomplish. My mom is doing their flowers as her gift to them and we all know how great my mom's arrangements are. She is also doing Emily's hair and the trial run was great. I am doing the photography. I have done some decent stuff in the past but never a wedding. I am researching and planning. I want to give them the best I can. I don't have a great camera so I am using Emily's. I so wish a fantastic high dollar camera would fall in my lap before the wedding, but I think I can do well with what we have. Wish me luck.

On the heart front, my heart catheterization has finally been scheduled. I will be going in next Wednesday at 6am and was told to prepare for a looong day. My mom will be posting updates on facebook, so if you would like to follow along please send me a friend request (Monica Fountain Berrios) and we will link up!

If they find a problem such as a blockage (which we are not looking for or expecting) they can fix it right there and I will have to stay overnight. If they do find that I have a misrouted artery, I am not sure if they will haul my butt into surgery or schedule it for later. It depends on how big of a threat it is, if they should find it. The idea of open heart surgery is terrifying. I am not sure how to prepare for that.

I am off to finish my pedicure so I have pretty feet for the wedding!
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  1. Wow, your first wedding as the photog! Very cool.

    And best of luck with your heart procedure. I hope it really takes care of the problem. I'm sure everything will be fine. And...think of it this way...this time next week, you'll be home free! :)


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