Random is sometimes required

A quick recap.

Cat went missing.
Jack cracked his toe.
Third son's "issue".
Found out ex got married.
Got kidney stone requiring 4 day hospital stay.
Jack got virus
Swelled up and had to return to hospital for lasix shot.

I have cataloged it and now PUT IT ALL IN THE PAST.

I love my family!!  They have taken such good care of me.  I am mostly all better now.  I do, however, look like a junkie.  I have bruises running up and down both arms AND both shoulders.  Who knew I was a hard stick?

I talked to the ex husband today about not talking to the kids before getting married.  Or even after, but just doing it himself. He didn't get it.  I think towards the end of the conversation he might have started to get it.  I dunno.  His point was that he was going to marry her regardless, so why invite discussion on the subject. He says that nothing has changed.

Jack's tummy is better and some of the other boys might be getting it.  Skyler stayed home from school today.

I broke down and read Twilight.  *who is that I hear screaming?  Is that Anna?*  It was good.  A good book.

I found Jack a little people bus with 6 people at a thrift store today for $2!

What else..hmm.

Huge black ants are entering the house through portal unknown and driving me crazy.  They don't appear to be biters, at least.

I think the boys and I are cutting out for Arkansas during spring break to see my Nana and biological dad.  We deserve a vacation.  It's only a 13.5 hour drive.  No problem.

2 Responses
  1. Anna Says:

    Glad things are getting better!
    Welcome to the Darkside! Twilight rules! now you got 3 more books to read!

  2. Sleep Goblin Says:

    me! i'm screaming!!

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