Good newses

1. Nico got more scholarship money this year which is awesome considering the increase in tuition. Woot!!
2. Nico got his braces removed.
3. Elijah's artistic ability is really shining lately, his Aunt Karen sent him some great comic encyclopedias and he has been drawing more and more.
4.  Skyler, who I still consider my baby in a lot of ways, begins middle school this year.  How is that possible???
5.  I have only spent about $7 for most of the big boys school supplies.  I love the "buy one, get the second one for a penny" sales!
6.  Jack has two two word phrases now.  Deadee doh (ready, go) and dee uah (clean up)  Excellent!
1 Response
  1. Anna Says:

    I still haven't started school supply shopping! can't believe they start school September 2nd!

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