Bottle Free Baby

Yesterday was Jack's first bottle free day.  I know most people wean their children from the bottle at around a year, but because of Jack's dependence on Pediasure for part of his nutrition I didn't want to take it away.  As he approached two I was starting to feel like a bad mommy for letting him hang on to it.

We started talking about "no more bottle" and "big boys use a cup"  last week and Monday was the deadline.  He did amazing.  Every time he asked for milk, he got it in a cup.  I thought bedtime would be terrible, but he sat next to me on the bed reading stories and occasionally taking a sip from his sippy.

The bad news...he was restless all night long.  He woke up at 4am and got in bed with me.  He NEVER wakes up at night unless he is sick.  He just stayed awake and stayed awake in my bed.  I finally got up and got us some cottage cheese and crackers to share and we both went back to sleep at 7am.    His bottle of pediasure used to be his bedtime snack and he must have been hungry.

I am going to try giving him something substantial to eat right before bed tonight and cross my fingers.
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  1. Anna Says:

    Good Luck!
    Christopher wasn't weaned of his night time bottle till he was almost 2 1/2, he was fine during the day, but he needed his night time milk.

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