Good, Bad, Ugly

The good news--Jack slept 12 hours last night after falling asleep in the car at 6:45pm on the way home from the lake.

The bad news--The big boys trip to Michigan Adventure got cancelled today due to weather.  They were NOT pleased to be awake at 7am only to be disappointed.

The ugly news--Yesterday, bees invaded my house.  Many many bees.  Thank you, Dad for coming over and clearing them out and making the house safe again.  You are a lifesaver!

Bonus news--I should be finding out about financial aid later today.  Come on, big money, no whammies!
P.S.  The pictures have absolutely nothing to do with this post.
3 Responses
  1. Anna Says:

    love when kids decide to decorate us huh?
    ahhhhh about the bees....we had an infestation last year, it was so scary cause DH is allergic!

  2. Yikes...bees? That's crazy!

    Sounds like this is an exciting time for you & your family: lots of changes to look forward to. Congratulations, and *fingers crossed* for a good financial aid letter. :)


  3. gwendomama Says:

    but you do look great in your rainbow sticker makeover. really. BOLD statement, but I like it, bold works for you.

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