To nose job or not to nose job

As a teen I broke my nose during band practice.  I was in the guard and we were throwing rifles and boom, I missed.  Well, not missed exactly, I just caught it with my face.  I popped in back in place on the spot in panic.  It felt like it was lying down on my cheek.  I swelled and suffered, but refused to go to the doc for it.

It healed a bit crooked, but it has never bothered me.  I really only notice it in pictures.


Nobody noticed unless I pointed it out.

Over the years it got more pronounced.

Aesthetically, it still doesn't bother me.

You can really see the difference if you look up my

I am starting to get reduced air flow in my right nostril.  I get sinus headaches a lot.  I was starting to think it was time to get it fixed.  Then I saw my MRI.

My nose is in the top center.  This view is from looking down into my head from the top.  I knew it was off, but I didn't realize it was almost closed.

So.  It is time to begin searching out my options.  If you have had experience with nose surgery or an experience similar, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Heather Says:

    wowza girlie. I have no experience with this but I hope you find someone good to get it fixed because it looks like you need it so you can breathe!

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