Sneaky Thanksgiving secret

If you thought I meant a really cool recipe, I am sorry.

We have been in collusion, the ex husband and I. Keeping a secret from my children is NOT easy. I am just bad at keeping secrets, I let things slip, I forget that it even is a secret. But for five long weeks, I managed it. The ex was giving out little hints here and there. Telling one boy that the DS he left behind in the summer would arrive on the 25th. When another asked over the phone what he was going to eat on Thanksgiving, the ex said, "the same thing as you!" He told one boy that when he missed Papi on Thanksgiving, he would be right beside him. Nobody caught on...hehehehe.

The boys dad was coming for Thanksgiving and they had no idea. Today, while we were all busy cooking and eating and parade watching, my dad left saying he had to go home and check on the dogs. Mom threw out, "take a shower while you are there" Overkill much mom? She makes me giggle.

A trip to the airport and back later, he walks in on our unsuspecting boys. I LOVE it when a plan comes together!!

These turkeys......

...are glad this turkey made it.

2 Responses
  1. Amy Says:


    I think this is one of the best Thanksgiving stories I've ever heard! What a great surprise for the boys to be able to spend Thanksgiving with their dad and you. And KUDOS to you for being able to keep a secret for that long... Was it just killing you not to tell them already?!? :o)

  2. Heather Says:

    So exciting and just let me say as a child of divorced parents I am so happy that you guys can do stuff like this and coexist together and just makes me glad.

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