I am going to be in 3D

I am eligible for the CTA scan so that has been scheduled for next Tuesday.  I am excited to finally find out if there is something wrong or not, but of course, afraid that there might be something wrong.  That might have been a run on sentence.

I have been feeling bad, just generally bad.  The chest pain is no longer constant, but comes and goes.  My feet and legs have been swelling like crazy though.  I finally found out that that can be a side effect of the Lopressor.  That stinks.  They swell up so much that the skin on my toes hurts, it is that tight.

In other news, Skyler had his end of the year band concert and did amazingly well.  I heard this second hand as I was too sick to attend.  That broke my heart.  He only has two concerts a year and I had to miss this one.  He looked so handsome in his dress up uniform.

Elijah is graduating from middle school this year and I will have two kids in high school!  He is growing up very fast lately, he is so dependable sometimes that it scares me.  He has become VERY vain about his hair and is constantly tossing his head about.  Kind of like this....

Nico has been asked to join a band that he has been wanting in for some time.  The bass player moved and although Nico prefers to play guitar, he wasn't going to turn it down. Rumor has it that they are playing a band member's brother's senior open house this Sunday.  Of course, I don't know the kid and I am not invited.  Is it lame to crash a teenage party?  Yeah, I thought so, dang.

In closing, I would just like to say...

Jack likes corn
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