Grandpa Mike's service was amazing.  A group of motorcyclist from several VFW groups came and bore flags at attention and gave us an escort to the cemetary with flags flying.  The funeral home did a great job with the photo tribute which you can see here.  They included the pics of the big boys balloon release. 

It was a really hard day, but an amazing day.  He would have been embarassed at all the attention, but he deserved it.  He even got his 21 gun salute.  AND I managed to get back through airport security with one of the spent shells. 

Our vacation has started now and is going great. Jack and Kenzie got their first haircuts and pictures done together.

The big boys have been in Gainsville getting spoiled by fraternal grandparents and Jenn, the babies and I went to Universal Studios.

The big boys come back today, I have missed their guts,.

Thanks and more thanks for all the sweet words on the last few posts.  You guys are kind people and I love it.

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