• Being home is a good thing
  • Florida was awesome
  • Jack has until Sunday with his beloved bottle.  Then it is big boy all the way
  • Nico got his braces off today
  • I have 549 pictures to get developed
  • Salad should be its own food group
  • I am researching going back to college for a speech degree
  • Nana asking me to send her an Abba-Zabba bar in the mail had nothing to do with senility or mumbling
  • Being back in my own bed gave me a huge neck ache
  • I am broke like our justice system
  • I missed you people
  • Jack has learned how to open the screen door and escape

1 Response
  1. Amy Says:


    I'm thinkin' you going for a speech degree is a FANTASTIC idea!! I hope things work out so that you are able to do that... :)

    And you're not the only one with an escaping toddler, I assure you!! We recently had to put a new lock on our front door. It's one where you lock/unlock with a key on both sides. Robbie got smart and learned how to unlock the old one... ;o) But you just have to love their ingenuity and skill, right??

    Happy Weekend to you and yours. Glad you had a great time in FL...

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